My name is Aubrey and I am the founder of Untold.  A few years ago I knew almost nothing about human trafficking, the toll it is taking on our society, and the ways that it was occurring much closer to me than I realized.  But then I heard a presentation that changed all that.  The presentation was given by Tim Ballard, CEO of an anti-human trafficking company called "Operation Underground Railroad."

His presentation taught me more precisely what human trafficking really is, how prominent human trafficking is in the immediate community around us, and shared stories about real people I could relate to, whose lives have been adversely impacted by this evil.  My heart was touched, I felt compelled to do something to make a difference but I didn't know-how.  It was clear to me that human trafficking was an urgent problem, that it was closer to me than I realized, and that it was growing rather than declining. 

After witnessing that presentation I did a lot of small things such as educate myself about the signs of human trafficking and I also posted about the topic on my social media to raise awareness and to share the insights I had learned. However, I did not feel like this was enough. 

That is when I got the idea to start "Untold."

Starting Untold

I noticed tie-dye was starting to become popular again and I really love cozy clothing. So I decided to combine the two and the idea of comfy, snug tie-dye jumpsuits was born.  Because I wanted to raise awareness and promote education about human trafficking I decided to create a brand for this apparel that accomplished that mission. I decided to call the brand “Untold”. 

The name is chosen to convey the need to take away the unspoken secrets and mystery about this issue and conspicuously bring this issue into the light.  Further, we give 10% of Untold profits to other organizations that are solely dedicated to fighting human trafficking.

At first, I just created an Instagram account to market this apparel and within just a few short weeks it had more than 1,000 followers and had more orders than I could ever have anticipated! Because of this, I decided it was time to make Untold a dedicated and official website. When the website was built we launched a few ads, gained traction, and caught the attention of some major influencers, companies, and individuals who wanted to collaborate and support us because they too were passionate about fighting human trafficking!

I truly feel honored and fortunate to have so many people support his journey and my passion for this troubling issue. I love everyone who has helped me thus far and am so grateful for all their work.

Untold Today

Because things have gone so well with the tie-dye jumpsuits I decided to take this brand a step further and broaden the apparel lines offered. I have been a fervent follower of fashion since I was a little girl. I am very fortunate to have found this opportunity to develop a fashion brand and fight for an issue, human trafficking, at the same time.

As Untold continues to grow we plan on having special events and further expanding our apparel lines. And, we will never stop our fight to end human trafficking. Our aim is to provide you clothing apparel with superior quality and comfort so you not only feel good about your purchase but also look great as well. 

I want to thank everyone for the love and support you’ve given Untold, and hope we can continue to raise awareness and fight human trafficking together!